Save your money with coupons, don’t let them exhaust your budget.

When it comes to coupons, people enthusiastically praised it as a great way to reduce shopping costs. But do you know, coupons can make you run out of money when you are not even paying attention.

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Why is that?

Before looking down and reading all of the reasons that are about to be listed below, think for yourself the core cause of the creation of coupons. Have you ever thought, why a brand is helping others save money when it’s not their business, or why a brand decides to cut its sales? That makes no sense if they do not issue coupons or launch a discount program with a specific purpose. They are traders, not philanthropists, my lovely friend!

Well, coupons and other promotions are all sophisticated marketing tactics of brands. This “one step back for three steps forward” strategy helps many manufacturers succeed in their business goals and target revenue even in the harsh situation.

Following, I will reveal to you some purposes of coupons issuance while displaying 10 helpful tips for you to avoid those “traps” of brands and achieve the maximum savings of your shopping.

1. Saving is a top priority, keep in mind!

I know that shopping can be addictive, it can get you excited and make you forget about your little budget. So keep in mind that your biggest goal is saving money, and remind yourself whenever you want to buy an attractive product which is useless. If you are someone who always wants to buy things that were not intended just because the item appeals to you, or you find it hard to resist the appeal of the design, then the second tip is for you.

2. Shopping list is essential.

Before stepping into a grocery store, or accessing an electronics store, you should create yourself a wish list in which you list everything you need. And so, an item no matter how attractive it is, if it’s not in your wish list, treat it like a handsome guy or a hot beautiful girl that doesn’t belong to you.

Regret is obvious but trust me, if you buy it with no use, you will throw it away for a while or leave it in a corner that you may never see it again. Humans love beauty but are also often only interested in new things.

3. Buy a full-sized product instead of a mini-size one.

Are you confused about this third tip? But I am sure you are not mistaken. But why does buying full-size goods help save more money? I will take an example of this for you to understand.

For instance, if you buy a $9 mini-size perfume with 8ml capacity and you feel profitable because the cost of a full size perfume is up to $30. But you may have missed its massive 30ml capacity. Unless you don’t think you can use it all or you want to change the different scents, buying a full size perfume will be much more beneficial.

And you will benefit even more if you own coupons. Buying full-size items is one of the shopping tactics of smart consumers

4. Use coupons on cut-priced items.

Besides coupons, other promotions that directly discount on items are also an advantage for you. The combination between coupons and other promotions will help you greatly reduce the sale price.

If there are items on sale that are not part of your wish list, consider whether they are useful, as some of the items you didn’t put in your wish list are because you still have the last one in use. If you think you’re going to buy the item in the future, so just buy it on sale plus the coupon you already have, that will be a good deal, and you won’t need to buy it again next time.

5. Stack coupons

Coupons are divided into different categories, and one of the ways to divide the coupon is to sort the coupon produced by the manufacturer or by the store that distributes the product.

If the product costs you $10, and you have two coupons from both the manufacturer and the store that are worth $5 each, then you can get the item without spending a penny. That sound crazy, right?

6. Set in mind a price for an item.

Before you buy an item, it’s a good idea to know that item’s average market price in advance. Based on that and calculate the amount of discount with the coupons you have, if the final value after reducing the price below the maximum price that you can pay for the item, you can buy it.

And vice versa, if the final price exceeds your expected budget for the item, you should overlook it and wait until another sale or until you find out a more valuable coupon if you don’t need it urgently.

7. Do not try to use all the coupons you have!

If you have a collection of coupons but some of them are for the products that you don’t really need, don’t try to use it. As I said in the second tip, you will not want to waste money on useless stuff. Don’t think about how the items will be cheap thanks to the coupons, otherwise you will fall into the “coupon trap” of the brands.

Coupons and other promotions are marketing tactics that stimulate the desire to shop at affordable prices of consumers. Although you do not really want to buy it, the coupons will tell you that “this item is discounted really cheaply, and it seems like it’s hard to get a discount on this item, if you don’t buy it, you may be disadvantaged” and urge you to make a purchase.

In addition, every coupon has expiration date, which is also on the purpose of the producers. Expiration date will make you want to buy an item earlier than expected, as well as make you think that you won’t have a chance to buy that item at this better price after the coupon expires.

Be smart, my friend, don’t mess your budget plan up by those marketers, because after you buy the item and ruin your budget for something more important, perhaps you will spot a new coupon set is being released!

8. Use the overage

There will be instances where your coupon is worth more than the item you need while it is being discounted by another promotion. And usually you won’t get any change back if you use a specific coupon for that item. In this case, you can ask the staff to use the overage to buy another product, this will not waste you a penny. Don’t hesitate if the additional item’s cost exceeds the overage, you just need to pay the remaining money.

9. Be aware of what you want.

Do you know, promotions are also a competitive tactic that brands often use to battle competitors in their respective industries?

To win over customers, brands will not hesitate to offer higher discounts on produced coupons than their competitors. And all you need to do is define exactly what you want.

10. Coupons specialist is the person who saves the most, not the person who uses the most coupons.

For example, if you like shampoo of brand A, but the price after discount of the brand B’s shampoo, which is similar to brand A, is cheaper, but you absolutely know that B’s shampoo has lower quality. Now, you should be self-aware whether the more you need a good shampoo or the more you want to save money. If your top priority is saving money as I have said before, don’t be a loyal customer. If you need a good shampoo to improve your hair condition, don’t let money stop you from loving yourself, self-care is important

This last tip is just a reminder for you. A real expert is the one who creates the benefit with the lowest price, not the one who costs the most to make the benefit. You want to be an expert or an ordinary person pretending to be an expert?

I cannot decide on your choice, but I believe Heavy Coupon will not make you a casual shopper as we always want to offer the best benefit to our supreme customers!