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Redeeming Heavy Coupon x CanadaPetCare coupon codes instructions:

  1. 1.Heavy Coupon often provides you many coupon codes for every store, CanadaPetCare is also. So that be careful when choosing the coupon code that is the best suited for your intended order.
  2. After you definitely determine what CanadaPetCare coupon you want to receive, pressing down “GET CODE.” Then the screen will pop up your required discount code after reloading the Heavy Coupon page.
  3. Save your CanadaPetCare coupon code by selecting the “COPY” box, “GO TO STORE” box below will help you open the CanadaPetCare home page where you can shop your favorite products.
  4. All your picked products will be saved in the shopping cart, you can check your order many times as you want to make sure there are no items that you forget or you don’t want to buy.
  5. “Checkout” is the next step once you are utterly pleased with your cart. Checkout step will ask you for some information about billing address, customer name, payment method, etc. You should be careful when filling in this information as you don’t want to lose your order.
  6. Another important part of the checkout step that you should mind is the item list where all of your favorite items and their prices are showed up, and the “Discount code” box also.
  7. Apply the CanadaPetCare coupon code that you have redeemed from Heavy Coupon in the “Discount code” box and confirm it. You will see the total value of your order after the discount.
  8. Confirm the payment and you are done!